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The I-35 Corridor between San Antonio and Austin represents the fastest growing area in the country, according to the most recent national census. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the church to meet the need of a rapidly growing population. With the support of local churches and our dioceses, are missional church planting efforts can face the challenge of our growing region.

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Archbishop Foley Beach has called for the development of church planting networks to help start new congregations throughout the province. Our 35 for 35 initiative is ultimately a coordinated missional effort inviting every congregation and leader in our area to partner for the sake of the Gospel. This initiative is a cross-jurisdictional work, bringing together four dioceses to collaborate for the mission, planting 35 new missional Anglican churches along the I-35 corridor.



The I-35 Initiative is built on the friendship of several dioceses in Central Texas. It is a partnership inspired by the Archbishop Foley Beach, who called for networks of church planting movements throughout the country. With the help of key leaders, clergy, lay-people, bishops, and canons, we have come together in order to make Christ known to our neighbors in our region.



Our leaders are good friends from three different dioceses who began meeting and praying for God to bring about new communities of faith in our shared region. They friendship for the sake of mission is paving the way for a new culture of Anglican church planting, mission, and cross-jurisdictional partnership. We're convinced that our mission in Central Texas is stronger together.

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