Our Vision for Family Ministry

Participating with God in the family to welcome, shape, and send disciples.

At Resurrection, we value our children and our baptismal vows to raise them in the way of the Lord. As a church family, we believe that we are collectively responsible for their spiritual formation and we partner as biological and spiritual parents for all of our children.

This takes shape both through Sunday catechetical formation in our kids classes as well as home catechesis throughout the week through a hybrid of Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and direct instruction approaches. 


Our upper elementary through high school students are working together to decipher the story of redemption throughout all of time from eternity past to eternity future. We ask questions about major characters, themes, and events along the way and always ask how they relate to one another and teach us about God in his plan to fully redeem humankind for himself. 

When we are finished researching, we will each choose our own method and medium to tell the story in a unique way. We are excited to continue this project together! 



At Resurrection, we believe that kids learn in many ways and stages. Just as God has immersed us in a world to learn about Him, love him, and love each other, we desire to provide natural approaches to teaching our young children. We love stories and God has given us the best one yet! He teaches us wonderfully simple yet profound truths through each part of the Gospel narrative. Alongside storytelling, we love learning and worshipping through feasting, imagination, playful wonder, songs, and prayer.

Montessori styled centers are available during the adult catechism hour each week. 

Sprouts classroom


At Resurrection, we believe that kids' formation begins a long time before they can read or write. We love their playful attitudes, vivid imaginations, sincere worship, and myriads of questions. Our Rez Seedlings class is for the Birth-PreKinder kids and balances time in creative play, age-appropriate liturgical worship, and sharing in a small feast together before joining adults in Holy Eucharist. 


Kid’s leadership

Kids can be such great servant leader examples to adults! They love serving and they have a genuine joy and eagerness in their roles. Kids currently serve as acolytes in the worship service and in the Rez Kids 0-4 class as well as serving other kids chocolate milk after service while adults socialize over coffee. We are also looking forward to building a kids hospitality team where kids welcome other kids into our worship life as a church family.  


Lauren McCain

Director Of Family

Lauren leads the family ministry at Resurrection. She earned her B.S. in Biblical Studies and M.A. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Columbia International University and has taught Pre-K through 2nd grade. She and her husband Seth have been married for four years and have two sweet, active yellow labs. 

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Our Teachers

All of our Kid’s teachers are

  • Trained in the study of scripture and the Anglican catechism To Be A Christian

  • Annually trained in child safety and sexual abuse prevention

  • Members of our parish community for over 6 months

  • Screened with a background check