A New Class for Table Group Leaders

Leading aTable Group-3.png

Leading a Table Group
A 3-week class for TG leaders
beginning this Sunday, Feb 17 at 9 AM

Consider these thoughts from our Bishop, Todd Hunter:

"We all know that we are supposed to be hospitable. There is something radically important about hospitality in the Bible. But consider another angle on hospitality and not just having people over for dinner. I mean us being people of hospitality. Every week, for years, I have said this simple prayer: "God, make me a gracious, generous, hospitable, generative presence." As a bishop, a pastor, and even on social media, I want you to FEEL hospitality from me, not just that I'm a teacher with good information.

I think of it as being someone who creates space for other people rather than sucking all the oxygen out of the room. It's hospitality as a way of being. This might become one of your formative prayers toward hospitality: "Lord, help me to be a spacious person." Isn't that beautiful? I think that’s very different from being a Christian who assumes a hierarchical position over others or speaks condescendingly to them."

Table Groups are the heartbeat of our community life, and part of our discipleship in Christ as we become a hospitable people. When we come to the Lord's Table on Sunday, we are sent to other tables to extend his welcome. Since this is such a key part of our community and Christian witness, and as we kick off a new season of Table Groups, all current and potential leaders are required to participate in this 3-week course. If you're interested, please join us during our adult formation hour, 9:00 AM Sunday beginning Feb 17th.

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