Our vision



Our mission

Participating with God to welcome, shape, and send disciples.

Formation at Rez-6.png

You’ll see this image around in our leadership, discipleship, and ministry conversations. They represent for us a whole look at what it means for us to participate with God. The formation of our inner life and mission in the world is something comes from and leads to union with God. The sacraments are the basis and reliable touch point for us our involvement in God’s life. We are welcomed into the life of God by Baptism, transformed and sustained in Holy Eucharist, and commissioned for service by Confirmation. Drawn in by God’s life, we are then able to welcome others, be shaped by His life, and sent into the world with His Spirit.


Our identity

  • Rooted

We are rooted in the Scriptures, the Christian tradition, and The Gospel.

  • Sacred

We are shaped by and participate with the life of God.

  • Kingdom

We are living under the reign and rule of God.

  • Community

We are made one Body in Christ for the sake of others.

Our neighborhood

We Love South Austin


We love our neighborhood and our neighbors in South Austin. Our Christian faith calls us into acts of service, love, kindness, and creative acts of goodness. We want our lives to be transformed by Jesus, who laid down his life for others, and learn to practice our faith for the sake of others. We imagine South Austin scooped up into the very life of God.

Our logo tells this story, depicting our desire to see the city blocks of Austin come together through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.