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Rez Youth is for students sixth grade and up. At this stage, our youth are active and vibrant participants in Rez’s mission to Welcome, Shape, and Send disciples of Jesus.

Our program is built on four pillars intended to meet the spiritual needs of our teens during this dynamic stage of their lives, and to help them build an authentic faith that will sustain them as they journey out into the world. Those pillars are:

Friendship. We want our teens to experience the joy of friendship in a Christian community, where they can give and receive acceptance, support and encouragement. We have a teen Table Group that meets the last Sunday of every month, which provides our teens an opportunity for fellowship through student-led meetings and social activities. We also hold quarterly events (parties, lock-ins, outings) that give our teens more extended time to enjoy each other.

Learning. We want to continue guiding our students in their learning of scripture, and create a safe place for them to explore their deepest, most challenging questions about faith and the Christian life. We have a Teen Catechism class that meets every other Sunday during the first half of the worship service. This class covers the same material as our Adult Catechism class, but adapted for teens by teachers who are accustomed to working with teens.

Worship. As our teens continue to mature in their spiritual development, we invite them into the regular worship service so they can experience the beauty and deepen their understanding of our liturgical tradition. For that reason, our Teen Catechism class only meets every other week, so that teens can join the regular worship service in alternating weeks. We also invite our teens to be active participants in our worship service, such as by scripture reading and serving as acolytes.

Service. Service is an essential part of our teen program. We want our teens to actively participate in God’s kingdom through service to others. We want our community to experience God’s grace through the kind acts of our teens. We give our teens opportunities to make positive contributions to their communities through structured events. But we also want to develop our teens to seek out ways to serve others in their everyday lives.

In short, we want to orient our teens to live out God’s greatest commandments; in our words, to Know God, Love God, Know each other, Love each other (inspired by Matthew 22:36-40).